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Entrepreneur Website

Usual Price : RM 1288  RM 888
Entrepreneur Website
Entrepreneur Website Large

Exclusive News to Our Valued Customers

We Are Very Delighted to Inform You that We are Launching an Annual Campaign For Enterpreneur Like You to Grow Your Business To An Unlimited Potential. Let's Discover how the Secrets that We Sincerely Share to You!

  # 1st Secret

 Global exposure

As a successful Entrepreneur Like You,  we urge you to shift your existing conventional business into Online Business. Always AIM and DREAM to become a global player. Hence, your Business Can Be Growth with our online business is reachable from anywhere in the world. There are no weekends, public holidays or lunch breaks. Your business is working for you even when you are asleep. Your website can be connected with your Facebook.

There would no problem is reading your product information, because your website will program with Worldwide Languanges

# 2ndSecret

 Increased revenue.

The second Secret that we share it to you today is there are many of your untapped customers are looking for products like yours are online everyday. Your website will be programme with Marketing Profile Optimization  (MPO) operation and system that makes easy for online searching espcially in Google on your products.

You can anytime or any day to prepare your Business Promotional Strategies for all your selling Items such as

1. Early Birds Package

2. Annual Stock Clearance

3. Opening Ceremony

4. Member Day Only and Others

# 3rd Secret

Corporate & Product Branding

It is time now to upgrade your company Image. You will enjoy your own Corporate Domain and Email Hosting up ten accounts. Take this opportunity to monitor all your staffs email account setting. Besides that you may also enjoy Customer Managerment System (CMS System) to upload up to 1000 product showcase. Trust us, with our friendly user system, you will be learning with easy and fun

# 4thSecret

 Lower marketing costs

Always keep and maintain lower operation business cost. Your decision to start up a website will help to you to target your market at a lower cost compared to offline marketing. Your website traffic will also be enhance by our Free of Charge advertising in our Best Deals & Promotions Business Directory.

Our Promotional Period is offered from today until September 2014 Only. First Time Website Only at RM888.00 (Deposit RM400 and balance RM488 upon completion, 7 days working days completion) Second Year Renewal Fee is RM388 for Domain and Hosting.

Now we have shared you the Four Ultimate Sucessful Secret toward Successful Entrepreneur. We have created this Opportunity and We look forward to receive your Utmost Positive Decision today. Hurry Up to Sign Up With Us!

Your Online  Entrepreneurs Architect!