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Frequently Asked Question

  • Question: Is there any major difference between www.besdeals.com compare to other directory/b2b website?
    Answer: Our website has a very unique functions, our valued client could upload their own products and highlight their company profile, products and product keywords.


  • Question: How does your besdeals advertising do your advertising in order to develop my product awareness into the market?
    Answer: We are proudly present that Besdeals is meant for Best Deals for your product promotions. Therefore, any of your packages signed is greatly valued for money because we will perform all kind of advertising inclusive of newspaper, events, road show, exhibitions, internet forums, search engine such as google, yahoo and etc to promote your company and products.


  • Question: If we signed up any of your packages, is it friendly user to control our products and information?
    Answer: Yes it is very friendly user. You may refer to our agent for tutorial. You may access or browse to the internet for update any configuration you required at anytime and anywhere at your convenience


  • Question: Would there be any technical support if we encounter any problems during configuration?
    Answer: Certainly, you may contact our technical support hotline for assistance.


  • Question: If I forgot my password, what should I do?
    Answer: You can retreieve your password by click on “forgot password” link in login page. Alternatively, you may contact us, our respond team will reset and send you a new password.


  • Question: What should i do if i want to find a company in your website, for example, hotel?
    Answer: You can either browse the specific industry by using our category search or simply key in the keywords under the search bar, for example, you can try to key in hotel whatever which is related to your need.
  • Question: Your website is superb, nice design & user friendly, so how can i list my company and if my friends are interested, what should i do??
    Answer: Please give us a call & we will arrange our sales agent to meet you at your earliest convenience.


  • Question: Can i advertise my company on the front page of besdeals?
    Answer: Yes, you are most welcome to advertise your company on besdeals front page to get more attention, we have special package for you and have listed the fee under our Place Ad page. Please call us to find out more.


  • Question: How many products of my company can be placed under the Banner Ad storefront advertisement?
    Answer: Theoretically, we allow our customer to advertise in our banner with 3-5 products under the storefront advertisement.


  • Question: If I experience many advantages and benefits from my current package, could I upgrade the package before maturity?
    Answer: Yes, you may upgrade your current package, please contact our agent and our hotline for assistance.